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What would you do if you were faced with this image? Would you lie to yourself and say that it is only an opinion and there is nothing wrong with it. Would you associate with the person who created this image? Would you allow your children to be involved with a person who uploaded this image? Now what would you do if that same person typed above it “burn baby burn”.10262131_10153380513184329_2787381093080619284_nSo lets review history 5,933,900 Jews were killed not fully at the hands of Hitler himself. The truth most likely none were killed by him. How many Native American Indians were killed in their genocide? How many Australia Aboriginals were killed during their genocide?  They were killed by cowards like the poster of the above picture. Filed with such overwhelming hatred that even the simplest logic that cannot justify posting the above picture. How would you respond to a friend who posted this filth. What if it was one of your children?

What would you do if the person who saved your life was Muslim. What would you do if you needed a transplant to save your life and the person who’s organ you were about to receive was a Muslim? Would you then allow you children to be involved with the person who posted the vile hatred? Would you accept that if you do nothing and accepted the above issue you are just as guilty of such hatred even without saying a word. Would you be like the guard on the wall who watched so many die.edmundburke377528By your deeds you shall be known and judged. I stand and speak out against such vile hatred. No Man, Woman or Child should be the target of such horrific violence by such as the coward that posted this filth. While I will not post this persons name those that read this should share it. Share it often, maybe then when that person who created it might see it, might change their ways. If not then good people should avoid the poster when the truth is place out for all to see. If your are a god fearing person then you and you alone by accepting this person as just an opinion will answer for the actions of the poster.

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  1. Glad you think like this though I’m not sure really what the answer to hatred is, other than to love. If you hate the hatred and tear into it like it tears into you, what will that achieve? Loving the person responsible is not easy at all. It is one of the hardest things to do, but in the end it is pretty effective. Just a thought.


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