Just having a bit of a laugh

I good friend of mine was looking at what has been going on in my life. As we were having a good laugh he came out and said “Wow your life is such a bloody soap opera” we had many laughs about it all. we even pointed out a few names for it and ideas for shows. One of the leads was me standing there in complete confusion at the fact that the weirdness is going on and that so many issues are happening.

Some country music at times, guest appearance of Puddles pity party and all he will do will give me the look of disbelief and pass along some comfort at the really weird times.

We laughed at name for the show like:

As Tasmania turns
Devils playground
Days of Tasmania
General confusion
The bold yet laughable

Of the list went on and on……

Show plots did not need to be though up as my real life had enough of them.

This was a funny conversation and well received. At times the tears were from the laughter……

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  1. Such a reality show!


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