Just another day

Well as I said I am going to get back to writing. I was hoping to do it more often. So where is the truth of the times. Well it is in the simplest fact that I STAND with my Children in our home. I never thought it would have ever come to this point in my life. I refuse to be like so many others that have traveled this road of loss. I love a person who is no longer, I see the ghost and smiles come from the memories of the past good times. I fill my prayers with the hopes that the ghost will find peace someday.

I refuse to fill my heart with anger and hate…..

I am doing very well in my Transition and I am learning more and more about finding the peace that has been missing for some time. I am learning that there is more that is unseen than seen. My life is filled with blessings that amaze me at every turn. Our new home is beyond what I ever thought we would be in.

Tuesday I return to the employment that I love so much and fills my soul. To say I am very thankful for all those who I have met over the last six months and how each one has helped me know the blessings I have every day, is the understatement of the year.

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