Well, I once found this quote that said “the more someone is screaming another person is a liar the more we should review the person speaking”. For a long time I supported this quote. But i think as time has shown that there is a better quote that but be included with the above quote “Evidence is King”.

I have been working so very hard over the last four years trying to do what was right not only for one person but for an entire family. Since we moved out (the children and I) stress has reduced and happiness has increased to a point where it is a joy to be alive.
I have been going through my transition scared of so many things that I never though would be a part of my life. I let someone try to tell me that I would be an emotional wreck with the hormones. Well I am sorry to say, the hormones have been a pleasure in fact I have not noticed any issues. I have not once fallen into a pile in the bedroom crying over nothing. I have used the line “this is my journey and no one else’s” wow I was so wrong so many people are on it with me. Some have been 100% blessings some have been terrors. I heard a wonderful line from a moving “feed the good wolf”. I have lost track of the amount of good wolves I have met and enjoy being around. I can only count a handful of those who are the bad wolves. Lucky for me I don’t have to deal with the bad ones all that much.

I have taken the time to listen to so many people who I can say are an inspiration to me in my life. Laura Jane Grace I have learned a lot from and can say what a positive role this person plays in the Tans community. Plus what can I say I like punk music, it sparks my rebel side. I spent a long time today cleaning the house with help from my little man. I am so proud of him.

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