Well one week away we are getting the house all cleaned and on Tuesday I am getting all the decorations for the party on Sat. the 31 HALLOWEEN. We are having a party Halloween/house warming/thank you to all the friends that I can get a hold of that helped out so much. Talk about blessings and the good Karma that keeps coming back to our family. I am so very thankful for all those who took the time and helped us in our darkest days. I can’t wait to get this party going. I am so excited!

The kids are so looking forward to it.

Ok on the Transition front, I have noticed the reduction of chest hair. A slow down on the arm hair as well. Chest is a bit sore but nothing that I could not handle. I was so sad today when I went looking through all of my postings as I had to remove a few I thought I had placed them in a draft folder but they have been removed by me at some point which is so very sad I have lost so much great information that i posted. But that is the past lets move forward.

Have a great day my friends! I do answer all emails and comments please feel free anytime to drop me a line.

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