Well changes are taking place….

Well despite someone thinking that I was going to be a wreck on hormones…. Your dead set wrong! I have passed my first month with no issues but a wonderful sense of Calmness. Granted there could be many reasons for that much like the big  drop in blood pressure since 10/7/2015, such a large drop my doctor was amazed (go figure). Chest hair has dropped and looking good, facial hair has also slowed down no more 5pm shadow at noon, thank you dear lord, leg hair is thinning down, arm hair has changed color and thinned, chest is feeling a bit heavy now days as well and can be a bit sore at times. You see so much is changing. Going to have to talk to my good friend with the camera for a few photos to update, even I want to see the update. Damn the weight thing is driving me crazy as well. Up and down, up and down…..lol

Kids are doing very well at school, learning and making new friends. All I hear is good news every day. I am waiting for Gabriel to come home in a negative mood. I hope he does not as I love these new moods that he is in. This is the way a child is supposed to be loving life and happy.

soon they will all have new bikes and itching to ride baby ride. I have this place that is safe and ready for them to have a good time.

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