Something I just understood……

Ok lets be honest, Men have no clue when something drops and falls between your boobs. ICE sucks and sometimes there is npot a good place to dig it out. LOL

Work today was a bit of a downer as I was already to go to the gym and have a workout with a client. Was dressed and ready mentally to do what I hate. Get ready to head in to the gym and was told my client was out sick today and I needed to go to an event that was taking place, So under dressed, it felt so strange seeing alot of my co-workers who might have heard that I was transitioning but have not seen me in some time, what added to the fun of that was i was in Gym clothes.
Oh well life is life filled with ups and downs. Got asked the “are you going to get the snip” then she said “having is not all that fun”. I do love working with this person she is so much fun and young at heart as well. But at least I was asked if I wanted to be called by female pronouns as well as other questions.

A few of the “older” workers and “male” workers were a bit shy and did not know what to think. I think it will take time and people will notice that I am the same person. some of the clients are adjusting a bit as well. Some just don’t care. One who I loved to work with in the past is having a bit of a struggle in his mind knows its me still likes me but is not 100% if it is really me. Once I starting talking to him the laughter starts and I know everything is going just right. BTW that is how he communicates is by laughing.

It is so nice to be back working in a job I love so much. I have missed so many of these wonderful souls. I thank god I am alive and was able to find out about a plot that would have taken away my right to earn a living. That would have crushed me if I could not have worked in this job. Tonight I saw the ripple effect of someone and how it comes back when you are not ready for it.

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