My beliefs are challenged today?

In the past I have refused to enter into conversations about my beliefs. But in the last 24 hours something came to light that causes concern within the LDS community and those with children, loved ones or friends who are LGBTI.

Well I grasp why and what was done. Though it fly’s in the face of many and I do mean many of previous of core doctrine. Some that we have been since the start of the church. Some that have been since to time of Christ.

AOF 2 is clearly being broke by punishment being placed on the children for something that they did not choose ( We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.). Then this punishment extends in to adulthood if they do not denounce the parents. That flys in the face of the return of Ezekiel and what he had done in the Temple, how are the hearts of the children supposed to be turned toward their parents if what is said is in place.

We then must look at the issue that the children are in the grace of God. Grace meaning under his protection until the age of eight were we are commanded to have them Baptized. From my understanding that if you do not do so then what is done by that child after eight until adulthood is on your head (sin wise). This might be wrong but it is what I have understood.

I have yet to hear the Church speak on this as far as a senior member of the 12 or the Prophet himself. I find it strange that it was released in such a way that begs me to reflect on the merits of its validity. That said I have yet to hear the Church denounce it as well. Normally what is in this book has been seen by Bishopric and above never have I seen those pages released to the general public.

So where does this leave my children? To answer that I really don’t know i’m not Gay, I’m trans. Does this make a moral issue for the Church or what? I’m a transwoman does this doctrine mean that I will have to marry a man for my children to be Baptized? Does this mean that since I once was born a man I have to marry a woman? Or does this mean that I have to be single for the rest of my life never feeling the light of love in my life? What? Cause you have made a ruling that I feel is earthly based not based from the mouth of the Prophet who speaks for the lord himself. If this is even a true doctrine. With in fact it does not present itself as doctrine more as punishment. Which from what we are lead to believe in recent times that church courts are to be used and viewed with the love of Christ in mind helping those to return to a sin free choice.

This issues if it is true does not address two groups in the LGBTI community those who are in the T and I groups. We mostly do not address ourselves as LG or B unless forced into such areas as most of us have enough issues. We are however loved by the LGB community who have learned the love of Christ that being to love one another. Which is not shown is this paper.

I would like to point out that holding my tongue is something I will remain to do but I felt the need to address as my life is not rocky enough. Though I stress until we hear from the mouth of the Prophet we must take this release with a grain of salt as it has the look to be more of a leak than a announcement from the Church on official letterhead or on the website.

“All my hope in God”

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