Thoughts to the LDS Church leaders

Today I reviewed what has been going on since the 6th of November with the Church that I grew up in. I placed in my last post on a page that had also seen a lot of people who are struggling as well with what had been done.

“Then Explain me then? Where does this policy leave me? I’m not gay, I’m trans i sit in the middle of something that is nothing but chaos. I can’t marry a man cause I was born a man, right? I can’t marry a woman cause I am a woman. Whats going on???
I feel for those who are intersexed…. What Chaos that is with the church in mind… Born with both, well yours gender was assigned at birth (um no it was not)?
This policy is confusing to say the least….”

On both sides of the policy we are to live with out the love of another……

I feel something is at a loss here. There once was a story about “they came for ??? and I did nothing” Think of it this way.

First they spoke against Sex before marriage
So I obeyed….
Then they said blacks could not have the priesthood or go to the Temple
I was not black, so I obeyed….
Then blacks were equal as the rest, I rejoiced….
Then they said being gay was a sin…..
I was not gay, so i obeyed…..
Then they said it was not a sin to be gay, just to act upon it
I was not gay, so i obeyed….
Today they say children of the gay are not equal as the strait. That they should not have the same rights as children from strait families. That this is to protect them….
I am a parent, my children are not gay, I am not gay. I am trans you have not addressed this, but now I fear the day that you will.

Dear earthly men,

I followed you from the day I was baptized. I defended the choices that you said were made with council of god. I questioned then but stood by your choices that in time it would all make sense. On November the 6th 2015, I stopped…….

I feel that you have taken a path that no longer protects the children that our father has placed in your care by the creation of this policy. You have placed Murder above a person who loves another of the same gender. You have placed a policy that Bullies the children of these parents. You have placed the actions of Gay marriage as a greater sin then those of a Murderer. To me you have set a course that has provided extremists to Justify their actions in destroying the hearts of the children.

I fear for the lives of the children that will take there own lives because of the extremists. How will your policy be defended with the bloody of children on your hands. Yes, you did not do it yourself but you gave the extremist a tool that will be used to do so. Your policy has also placed a minority who is not Gay, who did not have a choice but were given both genders. At your horrific policy because someone Will use it against them. You have given bullies the right to abuse children of these unions power.

Think, pray before it is to late and your hands are awash with the blood of the children….. All Children are equal in the eyes of God.

This will be the last I will say of this because it is now in your hands to right the wrong…….

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