What you can do….

Not everyday feels like……..

Thanks to my dad a long time ago placing a spark in my soul. You see one day I was feeling sorry for myself thinking shit my life sucks big time. From out of the blue the crazy old man said to me “When you think all is hopeless and every one is out to get you, when you feel sorry for the way your life is. Stop! look at you self deep down inside is a spark and that is all it takes to make a flame, go light a fire it is up to you”. This was one of the times when it seemed that my dad finally got me. What he said was so out of the blue, it really was not like him.

I would like to add to his “Spark” story. When you can’t find beauty, when the spark is all that is left, Don’t Stop! Don’t give up! Make the beauty that you need and so deeply want. Beautify something! Help someone! Do something that you have never done to help someone!

Your Special – There is no one just like you – thanks HoJo

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