House cleaning is……

Boring, lol

Ok in all serious life is going great this week I have been feeling and seeing a few new changes in my body. it is just a little exciting to say the least. I have been working on my Backyard tiding it up for summer I will post before and after photos as soon as I am done. There is not going to be any photos while I am doing it as I use most of my energy to work on it, photos be damned right now, lol.

On a side note while I not overly please with everything in life, it is getting better. I have looked back over the last year and it have been like a deep breath when having an asthma attack painful at first as the meds go in but then slowly you can breathe. Then once it is all over you get the shakes and filled with energy.
I look at what is going on with all of the LDS people who have chosen to leave the church over the last two weeks due to what I wrote about. My heart is stilled filled with sadness over all the loss of hope and the pain caused by the church towards a community that is worldwide. I just keep thinking that this is not what our Father wanted for his children. While I understand that they are trying to avoid issues like “dad and dad or mum and mum live together and then church says it is a sin” Causing so much confusion in children which in itself is not fair to them. Then I am concerned that for making a stand like this they are making themselves to be an exclusive group….. At what point do they think a child will join a church that is not willing to accept the whole family is a place for them. Yes, gay families are not the normal, but it does not mean that they are not able, capable, willing and filled with unconditional love. To me that is the type of love children need to see and feel. Hell how many divorces are going on in the strait world. Where parents use the children as spies and weapons on the other parent. Tell me how is that good for the children? The church needs to look at itself and see that while it is pointing a finger at others three are pointing back. I don’t care who you love, just love the children!

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