Time to take Action

Enough is enough……

There is an old wise tale that says Let Sleeping Dags Lie……

I have tried to take the high road on many things in my life in so much as others have taken it as a weakness and tried stepping on me…..

2000px-gadsden_flag-svgI have been nice as I could be…. That has ended, now I will let him do what he does best……


On a second note I am going to be a listening ear for any other Transyouth who is LDS  and might need someone to talk to.

Since I need to do something next year as we have to wait until January to kick someones arse in Magistrates court for doing something that they should not have. I am thinking I am going to be looking at school again thanks for forcing my hand in this direction. Maybe I should look into Social Work……Not like I did not help someone for a number of years and proof reading stuff that damn near made me fall asleep, lol.

Then again…..


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