Well the kids are away visiting there mum. I woke with the sense of sadness that made no real sense. But I chalked it up to hormones crawled out of bed hung the laundry. Dusted myself off listened to the birds outside. Found some blessings that were on a shelf dusted them off gave thanks for them. Placed them back on the dusted shelf.

I have been coming to better terms with being Trans. I am showing my wonderful children that it is better to be true to ones self then fight away never getting anything really done.

I have come to an idea where once upon a time I asked my ex-to-be to work with me on writing a book. Why not start it on my blog on another page? It would be fun and if someone had tips I could use their help I have a great story line just need to fill it out.

Who knows what will become of it might be nothing might be something my kids might read someday and say wow that was a why it went no where….LOL

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