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This is something I have been working over a few days just to compare beliefs. This was due in large part as a result of the policy from the Mormon Church which has laid a heavy weight on my shoulders. This does not mean that my issues with the church are linked one and the same to members in the wards that I have been in as I can say most of the members are Great and honest people for the most part. To bad that policy broke my shelf. *if you are having issues viewing this zoom in and out it will fix*

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I know it is a work in progress and many might not get my train of thought on this issue but I am hoping to greatly expand on this project as time goes on. It might and i mean might expand into its own page at some point. I know what I am looking for I just have not found it yet.

Though this does beg the point what if I never find it at all? What if in all of my searches i miss it? What if through all of my searches I end up being the wrong person?
First I would like to point out “What if’s” suck if you lived your life by that reason no one would have ever done anything. To me it is better to say “What Happens”

I am finding that my Transition is leading me in to places I never thought I would be. I am finding out more and more about others that used to be a big part of my life.

An issue has risen again and i am going to point my finger at it. If you are in Transition CLOTHES don’t make the person…. I know someone is reading this and I want that person to get that point. If that was the case all women would still be wearing DRESSES and have LONG HAIR. Your logic is very flawed and well that kind of thinking is flawed as well and filled with bigoted hatred.






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  1. Interesting seeing your journey here and your striving to find a way through it all. We are all on the journey though our paths might be so very different. My path briefly has been Christian Science with some Anglican influence (strange in itself but my mother was CS and my father Anglican and I chose the CS path in my youth), rejection of CS and of Born Again Christianity, sought in Eastern paths (Buddhist, Sufi), tried Christian church without fitting anywhere (had good chats with JWs but not for me) read a book by a guy who started Full Gospel Business Men’s Association meetings and wanted what he he described in his book, said the prayer, wife joined ladies group and came back with intriguing tales, started attending a wild church (later joined – it was independent charismatic), took off like a spiritual rocket, did Bible school part-time and ended up assistant dean and then dean, but became increasingly disillusioned with the way the church was heading (gospel of money and importance of headship of leading pastor/s) changed church and was blessed for a while in committing to serving there until I had a huge blow-out with the pastor and left, continued to preach as itinerant preacher, then faced my hidden issue and came out (GAY), resigned from all church involvement, separated from wife, explored this new thing with great anguish of heart trying to relate the churches teaching of scripture (no homosexuality allowed – you go to hell) with my faith, discovering the Bible translations don’t always give the truth but reflect the thinking of the translators and now resolved to being a gay man of faith. So today I believe in Jesus and do my best to follow Him, but don’t go to any church, have just been given a Bible based on Aramaic Scriptures which Jesus quoted, so looking forward to exploring that (always loved the Bible but having discovered how it has been misused put me off it and I stopped reading it.) Sorry for the long post, but wanted just to share my journey. Incidentally am boarding (rented room) in a house run by a Mormon. How about that!


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