Time to get back

Well, it has been a couple of days, sorry. I have been working on playing my guitar once more. I so loved it, sure I am not the best but over all the crap of the past few weeks I felt I needed to hit the strings once more. Need to get back to teaching my kids how to play as well. In case if you ask I am a finger picker and right now learning the song “nothing else matters”

Nothing Else Matters Cover

Love the way this young lady does it.

As with all things not looking forward to Christmas this year. First time in a very long time spending it alone. I think I might have to buy a box or two for the tears. Though saying that is not bad, it was going to happen and I am ok with it.

I was on the Radio this week (Twice) oh man thinking back to when I was on it everyday. So miss that time in my life. It was like a huge rush not knowing what he was going to ask, not knowing if I could be understood in my response. Then at the end thinking wow did I just say that….
Looking back I think I have said what I have been wanting to say for such a long time it was nice for Brian at Tasmania Talks to ask me to call back. I do understand that Martine Delaney does have a right to feel the way she does. But do we really need a investigation on it. The Churches have the right to feel the way they do, we also have the right to speak with our feet.
I think that the Trans community has far more pressing issues to address than the large war on Marriage Rights inside a Church. As I see it it is their right to say no. I did find it a bit silly in that pamphlet where they stated that it was depriving a child of a Mother or a Father. Where is the common sense in that statement some single women are getting IVF, there are divorces there the other parent is refusing to allow the other parent to see the children.

I guess I should add a link to what I was talking about. Don’t mess with marriage this was handed out by the Catholic Church here in Tasmania.

While I don’t feel it is right to point fingers as they are not the only church raising same sex marriage concerns or being militant towards members of the LGBTIQ…. community. I did read a great blog post where a person pointed it out as to liken the way they are treating as by an Abusive parent “I hit you cause I love you” but come here cause we love you and want you around. But I come back to my point as I said on the Radio vote with your feet. Some of these churches are trying to hang on a Historical ignorant stand, meaning that with the logic they are using we would still have slaves and women can’t vote. Are the churches more scared of older members who are more homophobic than being a way to connect with a loving God? If you look at the Mormons, I have always had a problem with the way the Blacks were treated. Then when the lame reason that was given to allow them the same rights as whites in 1978(est). When in fact it was in Months of being threatened by the US government.
I think we will see something coming from the US government to end what the Churches are doing in the future. What will the churches do then when all people have the same rights?




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