What would you do?

What would you do? Christmas is coming…..Here you are wondering what to do as you are without children this year…… So I lost my trust in the church that i loved for so long this year. I have been trying to find a way to bring the light of Christ in my life and the lives of my children. Here is what I am doing.

Step one, Do what others are unwilling to do. I have chosen to do one selfless act of kindness everyday.
Update: I’m doing it and I have been doing it for one month. It can be done.

Step two, Continue to pray openly with and without my children in the home.

Step three, Make a few calls to see if I can help out in serving meals to those less fortunate than myself when the children are not hear with me this Christmas.

Step four, The children and I have chosen to take a reduction in overall presents to buy one or two for someone we do not know. This was Gabriel’s idea. I so love him!

Step five, Christmas bread and give it away

Step six, Play Christmas music until we are sick of it

Step seven, Be thankful to those who have helped us this past seven months.

Step eight, Surprise someone….I Don’t know! with an act of kindness

Step nine, Repeat next year. Even step Three when the children are with me.

I asked you what you would do? Now that you have seen what I am going to do. These actions are not going to be simple, fast or fun (sometimes), but they are going to do what I believe is missing in my and the children’s life “Service”.

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  1. Good choice


  2. Some great ideas here. Would love to see how they worked out. Maybe you report on that in a post up ahead. I shall see. I’ve been trying to remind myself to act humble grateful instead of grumbly hateful.


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