Proof is in what you Say and Do!

Wow what a week this has been filled with ups and downs. Little kids all three had to deal with being let down on issues. Wow that was hard to wipe the tears away. Yet i’m the bad person?

Went to court today oh how much fun that is…. 1 1/2 hours of nothing but to be told its been put for another date. Was not my fault.

Got a phone back! WOW how FUBARed that was police warnings and all. Then when I get the phone back and I looked at the “porn” it was searches done on You Tube with spelling that my 9 year old son can’t spell hold on to that evidence. Crazy how can you blame a child over and over saying he did it when it was not his ability to speel the words that were on the You Tube search? I was not auto correct as his You Tube app on his phone does not do that….

Guinea Pig is still alive and costing me money. I think it was less of a rescue and more of a “hey, I want one of those” by the kids. Oh I love them so much that yes I now have another mouth to feed and clean up after. But in the end the Happiness in their eyes make it worth while. So I guess I would do it all over again.

Found out the House cannot be sold right now, the “other” person put it on the market telling everyone that it was ok to be sold….Hmm Surprise! I think there going to be a few more.

Morgan my son in the US and I are talking about him coming for a visit once the house has been sold. More like a catch up over what we have missed. I am hoping the house sells soon as I really want to see him.

Birthday party for 20 girls is planned and ready to get underway…Yup 20 oh boy this is going to be one of those I am going to bed days that day, lol. Wow our little girl is going to be 8 years old. It went by so fast, I was looking at photos just the other day of her. So many happy memories and so many to come as well.




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