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Here it comes……

Today I had a chat with someone whom I respect so much and is in my books very cool indeed. As well as a pleasure to call him a friend, If HE is reading this he knows it is him.

So once again I am learning more about Transition from others than from looking at it myself. Today my Friend was asking how things were going and if I have had to “work” down there done. Wow he was so brave to ask, you could tell he was a bit nervous (yes you were). This post is for him and others who are learning about Transition from Male to Female.

Lets start by saying those of us who walk this path it is not an easy one by any means. There are several steps one has to take before the end result. One of the hardest is you need to talk to a few people and talk over what is going on and how you feel. This sounds easy but many of us have spent time trying to hide the real “us” for so long talking about it is not easy at all. Most of the time the Gate Keeper Model is used to protect the person in Transition. What this means is that it is Based off the ideal that you will need two professionals (Doctors) permission before they will consider you for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Once HRT is allowed and you begin you can if you so choose to start trying to Transition in to the life style that you desire into in small steps. As it was for me I jumped right in as I felt for my personality this was the best way for me. Others try to ease in to it as some Families can be very anti towards the choice that has been made or that others they are a bit scared. Overall this part is more of a personal style. Though before any Surgery is done more professionals who are using the Gatekeeper model will require at least one year living as desired gender before granting permission.

Before surgery is done from the information I have gathered it is best if you take the time and follow through with the HRT for about a year or more to allow the body to adapt. Some professionals will allow one year but from what I have read i89t is not in the best and safest practice for you. What I am meaning is easy to understand with the following example (Example) HRT and Breast growth, welcome back to Puberty! (this time it might not suck) As for me right now 3 months HRT I am seeing my Breasts grow and they are a bit sore around the nipple and at times have felt a bit heavy as well. In the 3 months I have grown a Huge amount I am filling out a solid A cup size bra heading towards a B cup. Now if I was to rush and get a Breast enlargement and chose lets say a C cup enhancement after the HRT is done I could end up being a full cup or more larger than I expected. So from my research I am going to take about 2.5 – 3 years on the HRT.

By the way….. Just add this in to your memory bank. Even though you are going through Puberty (again) there is a few things you should know depending on your age and mental well being. As for me (despite someone saying I will be) I am not having ANY hormonal mood swings. Someone once said to me “I don’t want to be around you when you are going on your HRT cause your going to be a bitch” well that is 100% WRONG for me I am just the opposite it has been so far the most relaxing experience I have ever felt. Sad things are a bit more have a bit more of an impact than they have had in the past. I have even been teary at a stupid TV commercial those only last until your brain kicks in and logic takes over (well at least for me)

LOL, here comes the fun news Shrinkage and change of enjoyment of stimulation (what a pain in the arse trying to find a nice way to say what we are all thinking) So here it is Shrinkage of the Testies is the first thing you will notice physical wise. Which for me was a blessing (ACDC said it best) then sometime in the future you might lose the ability to become erect (though I have not had this problem) Size may also reduce (yes please). Now for the fun part of this, as most men they are more in tune with what they see than what they feel. What I mean is if you see porn or you partner, hello here it comes to the party. This is going to change and there is nothing you are going to do about it at all. As something to learn about your body is going on. Welcome to what women deal with it takes more than a photo, most of the time it is all in that connection. You are going to be learning that once over time. The end result of stimulation is going to change as well (Be ready for that). It is not a bad thing in fact it is a very emotional feeling that seems to last longer than what you have felt in the past.

Gosh I forgot about telling you about a minor Breast issue…..DON’T run without a BRA. Oh dear god the pain was just as bad as getting kicked in the….. I hope this might get better once puberty finishes but I don’t think it will. Some girl friends have had a few laughs at some of my OMG moments.

Clothes, well I have read this and seen the facts based on this information. Lets look at how we “came out” or when you knew you were “Trans” it has been suggested that depending on your age at the time clothing is linked to your memory and you may dress as such. For Example if you knew about being Trans at a teenage level, but could not act upon it at all. When you were able to act upon that issue your choices were styled upon that age group. So that is where we (Trans people) can sometimes end up looking like a 17 y/o in a 40 y/o body. A simple Transition tip dress your age and avoid some of the people “reading you”. You may not look like a genetic woman for sometime but at least you might avoid some situations where someone might be hostile towards you.

Well I hope this has given you a minor insight into what is going on with people transitioning from M2F (male to female). If you are reading this as a what is going to happen then I hope this helped. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope the best for everyone and if you have questions please feel free to ask me. I would rather a friend ask and learn then to live in doubt or misunderstanding.

One more thing I used to think I was the only one Transitioning and I was the one that mattered. Wow that is so wrong, those who are around you are learning as well, some faster than others. So don’t be upset if pronouns are misused, guide by being gentle and loving. Give them time to watch you grow as well. Puberty was rough the first time on many of us and this time can be if you are not careful. If you have “issues” and you need to talk to someone PLEASE do it. Mensline is a great place even though it is for “Men” they are professional and they can help everyday if you need it.  IF you still need a friend drop me a line, I will do my best. I am a proud parent of 7 three live with me and are young so I am ok at giving out wisdom. BTW I can answer everything, you might not like my answers.

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