Here it comes


So lets look at what I hope might happen in the year 2016. First with a sad heart my divorce is done. Second I find some courage to do what I want and that it to take the next step in my educational plans to be come a counselor. Third continue working hard with our children to give them the best life I can. Fourth finish replacing the things I have lost once again. Fifth work hard on my Friendship to be the best friend I can. Sixth Get a new car to erase the memories that are found the current one. Seventh replace the inner smile that at times likes to shine, so that it will shine ever brighter. Eighth fly my oldest son to come visit us .

Well in the change with the new year I have changed the look of the blog to make sure it will be fresh as I am feeling the change of fresh air in my life.

I am ending the year with a bag at the fireworks with my children. Then come home and sleep. If I could find some black eyed peas I would eat them to remind me of the happy times with my mom and dad at new years. Ham and corn beard would have to be at the table as well. As long as I don’t have to eat Orange Fluff (don’t ask). Love you mom.

Well my Transition is going very well, I am four months into the HRT. I am very pleased with the overall sense of calm. Yeah I have times were I hate TV ads, boxes of Tissues at the TV due to the damn things. Something before my transition I never really understood. I look differently at my children now so much more connected with them than I have ever been. I can’t say this is due to the Transition or due to the face that the Negativity of our lives have been lessened. I sure do love my kids all of them.


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