Wow what is sleep

Ok last few days I have been dealing with a new issue which i feel I might be able to link to the HRT. NOTE: this is not a bad thing I think it is more something people should know it might happen to them or it has already happened. Being that Fat redistribution and the structure of muscles will change, there will be some pain that is not linked to doing something stupid or exercise.  Man have I been in such weird muscle pain that it was hard to sleep and that for me is not normal. I was able to make a rice heat pack and used that to help sooth the pain. SO maybe just being ready for the pain might be a good idea. before bed heat pack in the microwave do a bit of just dance on the Wii to wear out some of the muscles a nice shower as well to help this pain out.

On the subject of pain sore is one thing as well. Yes I have the itches as my boobs are filling out, lol. But guys have no clue to the pain that I am going through. It is more like “touch my chest and I will kill you!”. Doing massage is helping a bit but after a while even that causes pain cause I am touching them. There is no solution in that issue. But what ever you do, DO NOT bump into things with them, Oh My the pain….is unreal. Right now I  can hear the Cis-women laughing at me and saying are you sure you wanted this, lol.

Ok as having the Curse of Testosterone in my blood more than Estrogen losing weight was not hard and it could stay off. But now it is more like a rollercoaster weight off, weight on maybe the karate kid would have been a better description. All of these wonderful events are linked to…you guessed it HRT.

Well so far people have suggested these two songs Kelly is in the lead for me right now. Let me know what you think. Hell it is 2016! Baby I am moving hard and fast. Stronger than I was over the last three years. I am learning once again to be myself. I don’t need a crutch like having another person feeding my need for love when I can do it myself. Look out world here I come!

2016 will be Mine!

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  1. Love both songs; especially the jungle interactions with Kitty Purry!

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