Sunday morning

Sunday Sunday so good to me, I’m so lazy I’m still in bed and dictating. this wonderful day has allowed me to lay in bed and do nothing, I have achieved nothing, I have cooked nothing, I have nothing to do. I so miss the children I know that for balance they need to be able to have their mum in their life but I still miss them.

Well blog posting by dictation has a lot of inaccuracies, now I can see why I never did this before I am spending more time correcting that I am typing but I’m still in bed and I am having some of the best rest I have had in a long time.
So far 2016 it has been fun I cannot complain really. I was relaxing yesterday and noticed how long my hair is getting I think before February get here I am going 2 go have it styled.
There are so many things that as a trans woman you look forward to simple things that many women take for granted. men do not understand I don’t think it has anything to do with vanity has more to do with simple Pleasures and enjoying small bits of luxury. Like saving a little here a little there so that you can treat yourself to a manicure or by yourself something. little bit by little bit I am starting to enjoy the simple things like flowers and the smell in the morning air.
I remember starting this blog and thinking to myself that it would be revolutionary that I would be able to put it out there for others to see how normal trans people are. But the more I get into this blog I think it shows how quirky I can be. not that it is bad in fact I think it shows that I am just like everyone else except the obvious. I am still running into people who are questioning how I as a transwoman could have children living with me full time I have to remind them that I took care of our children for years before their mother and I decided to divorce even now I deal with simple questions such as how do the children deal with you been trans and does it confuse them to see you in a dress do they have to call you Mum now. I know these questions existed. I knew that people would have them and that is ok in fact I think as a society if we do not question we can not grow
So in answering some of these simple questions yes our children did have questions but in the end I think that after being honest with them and explaining to them about being true to yourself, taught them a greater lesson then I have ever taught them before.

An answer in other questions our children go to a good school they are loved. Yes, they have some issues with the same questions every child has due to divorce such as why can you and Mum live together again. As to the issue of making them call me mum, no I can’t do that. I was that part of the equation that brought them into this world so they call me dad. I don’t care if it makes others uncomfortable. In time if they choose to call me something other, that is something we will deal with it together. We as a family have come so far in six months it is amazing. Niamh is  starting to return to the wonderful girl she used to be before the assault. Gabriel is growing in confidence with the world around him.  What can be said about Hezekiah other than he is a wonderful soon to be six year old.  Yes transwomen can be great parents,  yes we are not the normal but was being Normal always the best way?

Well in the end I have had to resort to going back to my computer for editing issues. Though for doing it on the fly and in bed it came out ok. So I might do it again maybe not the laying in bed part though, lol.


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