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I would like to start off by saying that I had a great day caught up with 4 friends. I’m starting to get my computer setup for starting school again. I’m going to be trying to use the dictation setup of windows 10 to use the ease of the access, as im trying to do multiple things at the same time.

Back to my catching up with friends today I had a wonderful time meeting with some one who I don’t have permission to say their name that I have not had an opportunity to catch up with in a few years. I’m learning in that since the separation between my X and I. People are becoming more willing to engage in in conversations and we me. I’m not really sure why this is the case and I’m not really willing to look into it. I’m very happy that my friendships circles that I was extremely concerned about were never really gone in fact it these wonderful people who I have built friendships with waited until it was OK to be around me again. It is extremely sad to experience this I thought our family was more open then will we actually were. In a conversation with a friend I said we used to B and outgoing family then when the children and I Left I have noticed that we had become a very withdrawn family. For whatever reasons this happened it’s not worth diving into the past to review it. Not worth causing the str

In meeting with my friend who I consider to be a mentor in certain areas of education we reviewed the structure of the diploma of counseling and the timeframe in which it will be done in. I feel that I am more prepared for starting this course now thanks to his help but im at that stage in the the divorce that I am fighting to different battles I have to go to court and if I’ve next week I believe to fight off something that might X has misled the courts on. Then I feel that’s in march it will be 12 months since our separation and will get a divorce as march being the 12 month deadline that is required by the Australian law before a divorces granted. I stuck to my guns on this issue because the other party kept trying to mislead the court saying we’d been separated since May 2014 I was of a hospital 1 May 2014 and we’re still communicating and it wasn’t anything like that at least it wasn’t to me. Since that time I have found evidence that plots were going on. it is very difficult to understand and come to terms with one of the problems of being a carer for somebody who doesn’t want a carer that needs to have carer but resents you for being their carer while demanding that you are their carer. I know it twisted my mind saying it as well.

I have been writing down a journal of sorts for my children that in the future if they asked if I loved their mother they can read this journal and find about how I felt about her. I am including such memories from as early as our courtship when I purchased all the roses this one little store had and brought them And in want my children feeling that there was never in love between their mother and I. I wanted them to walk away after reading this journal knowing of the past, knowing that even though the marriage ended in divorce I loved their mother until the end.

OK on to something a little bit more exciting at Christmas time I bought Gabriel a really fancy remote control car and had a lot of power it was so much fun even for an adult to watch their child play with it or play with them it was just plain fun of them unfortunately it almost can’t fire I got replaced today and I had saved up some of extra money for other rainy days the Hezekiah and need became so head over heels in love with this idea of having these remote control cards so I bought a couple more but the problem that happened is one of them works and what doesn’t so I didn’t take the other one back to where I bought it and get my money returned as they did have another one to replace it right now which is OK. I will wait and when the a shop gets some new cars all get another call.

Well so far are dictating via the computer is quite efficient. Much less errors than when I was doing it via my smart phone. I will be interested to see if this extends into the use of my online classes and how it enables me to be a better student. I am really looking forward to this course the more I am finding out about it.

I will not let 2016 be a bad year we are going to succeed as a little family I sure do love the little guys miss them fierce when they’re not here but every good parent knows that the balance between mother and father or mother and mother and father and father is the child’s right regardless what the parent feels.

Well this is the end of today’s blog post. Be kind to one another find something in the world that you can do that can help someone less fortunate than yourself. In the end it will sort itself out.


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