Just another day….

Just another day I don’t think so. I have had a wonderful day today. I have taken to the car back to BIrchall’s. Unfortunately no refund but they are going to try and resolve the problem with either a new car or repair the faulty one. Being that I had two of these cars I took the other one out for a test drive. As it is not as fast as either are remote control cars that we have it is more of a challenge to drive it only does 2 kilometers an hour but you can go over big rocks for bush’s of high grass and bark.

We also have a extremely fast remote control car that is about 10 minutes for the driving time but wow so much fun. I have but looking for reasonably priced remote control cars, once that can be a repaired if a problem occurs months years down the road. I think that the children will love the new cars the rock climbers. And that we have the superfast one, I will have to save up and buy a second superfast would just so the kids will be able to race against each other or I can race to. I’d never thought it would be so much fun and to stand and write a stupid little car around in circles at high speed. Even more enjoyable is to watch my children race the cars as well. I’m fighting you don’t have to spend a buck a load of money to have a good car. There is also a racing club in LAUNCESTON. We will have to take the time and find out what this little club is about baby it might be something that the children and I can truly enjoy.

While this is day two of trying the hands free dictating while there is still a lot of commands that I am not familiar with. I do believe that in time the system will continue to learn from my speech patterns as well as my pour grammar. Overall it is nice not to have to type this out. I think it gives me a little bit of incentive to post more block posts. We will have to see as the rest of January continues.

I was having a call and over Stipe with my mom today. I am always amazed that the ability to women make this big world a smaller place I live in Australia, and by mom lives in Washington State. It is so nice to catch up with them every day.

I am due to be a grandparent any day now and the daughter who is having the child has been manipulated to the point that she no longer wishes to communicate with me. Before anyone can say that it was the husband’s fault I will defend him as I know who did it. There once was a saying, that said you can take your nose, you can’t take your friends, but you cannot pick your family. Such is the case with my daughter and the person who manipulated her. I am excited for my daughter and I’m very happy for as well I do wish that she would have not listened to two to manipulation and came to Australia to live with me. I do think things would have been easier of the two of us. But choices being made cannot be undone. If my daughter wanted to talk to me kindly I would accept any call. If she reads this I hope the birth is filled with the special blessing that she was when she entered my life.

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