Umm I don’t have a title

As I asked for peoples 2016 song of the year for me someone sent this one as a suggestion

Wow….. kinda catchy like the idea. Rough but strong and its getting closer. Still not to sure if it is the right message I want for 2016, but hey thanks!

Then I got this one sent to me as well…..

Love the way it was sung, really pulls in the feelings sometimes, but I am still not headed that way.

I bet your thinking “what does she want?”

Well if I knew that I would be one step closer on the webpage, lol. I am going to get there and I hope it will be amazing. This year I gave my beloved airbrush to an amazing talented artist Alyce Bailey 

Please support such wonderful talent if you want them to go one to be amazing Masters. Yes you heard me right I think this girl is going to go very far in her life this girl has got it!

So back to my start I was looking at my live and looking at what I want to do with my second half of it. I have lived a rich life to this point I have had two roller-coaster marriages and then the rides stopped. Each one I walked away from feeling stronger happier and knowing who I was. Then I married for the third time, oh the beauty, the friendship, the love but it ended… So I am rebuilding myself Stronger once more than I was before. Happier then I have ever been, Amazed of those who care for me and know me. For once in my life I can say I am happy. I have 7 amazing children each one is different just like I am .

In the end of 2015 I came back upon this song and it became my focal point on my life pulling me through so many of the hard times that faced the children and I. So if you have not guessed I am very much into music. One time I was in the car with my father shortly after my second divorce… I was listening to a song that helped me at that time and I can’t recall what it was now. He turned to me and said “Al, you need to stop doing this. Music is not going to fill the void”. I love my dad (a lot) but he had no clue about what I was like and to some point still does not in a way it is a shame he never understood my art side as well. But he loved us kids and loves my children. I want so much more in this life than what I have right now. This 2016 is going to be my FUCKING year. I am going to make an impact, I am going to show a certain group of people that they can shove the negative comments, stupid actions, and other SHIT right up where the sun does not shine. Cause I am a


But this is 2016 I need something RAW. Maybe punk like…..Hmmmm

Oh and on another note I have started my process of enrolling in school to become a counselor. I know scary right my providing help to others… I know I can hear a naysayer right now. But to be honest I did say to someone once “glad you stopped, you don’t have a caring bone in your body”. Ok i now look at what I said and somethings in the heat of arguments can be very hurtful and I am so sort of sorry I said that. Yes I know saying “sort of” means that I am not really all that sorry. I think that if you look at what it did to the person it helped them choose a different path that might work better for the person. Sometimes I can be very blunt without thinking through my wording and so for that part I am sorry but not sorry for helping the person find a different path. Kind of like Punch and Judy… if you don’t know about who I am talking about GOOGLE.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post and be kind to others and also slow down with what you are saying.

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  1. Prefer Helen Reddy’s version of I will survive. More gutsy, more tuneful and a classic during the years of feminism that I walked through!


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