For the love it all……


Once again this is not a serious blog post

I want people to watch this response to Barry Humphries.

Thank you babe for speaking out. I could not find the right things to say about a MAN who does drag belittling those who are transgender…

I think my mum would choke if she read some of my posts, lol. I do love her and I hope that someday she will find peace in the fact that I don’t blame her for the way I am.

Well I had another suggestion for a song but due to the fact that it is not on Youtube  I dare not put it up for all the enjoy but it was a version of I will Survive by Helen Reddy. While i will say I do like it, it is still not what I am looking for.

Then I have another person suggest a song cover called Stronger. I have placed the original in a post a week ago I think. Heavy metal can bring the the anger of what I am saying but it lacked the hope and resilience I was looking for.

The someone suggested a poem instead… For what I am wanting to do with it a poem would be fine but lacks in the sound department, and no a person who is reading it is not going to do the job as well.

This idea is starting to be harder than I thought it would be…..


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