WOW! What a day with new friends

Do you ever make a choice on a whim where you hope and pray that it will end in something that is better than staying home.

Well I did it today had a great time so much of a great time that what I thought was going to be a simple little picnic turned out to be a 4 1/2 long picnic. We came home BEAT. The kids met new friends, I got to make new friends. Even better than that I got to meet a beautiful dancer who was wonderful to talk to and get to know. Niamh was completely taken over by her. At one point Niamh sat down and stared at her and everytime she spoke it was as if sparkles went off around her. I think had she let out a burp Niamh would have found a way to capture it. On the way home all I heard about was ____ is so amazingly beautiful, _____ talked to me and the list went on and on. Gabriel and Hezekiah had a wonderful time with a new found friend that I hardly saw them.

By the way I am leaving out name for a reason, no I did not forget them all, lol. But yup I did forget a few (sorry). Can’t wait for the next get together. To the Beautiful person who befriended a little girl, thank you. So many people all having a great time. Despite the bogans who opened their month once it was superb.

Though it was nice to talk about my new plans in Education. It was even better when they all agreed to the reasons why.

We came home and kicked back and watched a movie…..

oopppps almost forgot to talk about NIamh and the kookaburras she was able to hand feed 3 out of the 5 that was at our feet. So many of us were like little kids at that point.

There was plenty of food and good people.

so many beautiful souls in one place.

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