Here’s to good health

Wow, I needed to go to my doctor for a checkup. Yes I do it regularly and not cause I am trans. I do it cause I have a firm belief that you body is a machine and it needs to be taken care of. So to the point, while I was there she was amazed at how my blood pressure was so normal where seven months ago it was very high. We talked over how was my asthma and my stress levels. I would like to point out to everyone who I love and am very thankful for you reading. Feeling better sometimes takes a leap of faith. We fled the abuse and my health has taken a turn for the best. I am getting healthy and happy at the same time. It is so amazing how when you remove certain parts of your life the weight of bad health leaves as well.

While I was there we reviewed Gabriel and Hezekiah’s health as well. We looked at the issues of their asthma in the last six months how it has improved for them as well. Gabriel has only had one asthma attack and that was being woken up with a nightmare that scared him. Top that!

I am a firm believer that relationships can be poison to ones soul at times. While I do say that i stress that being alone can also be poison. Huey Lewis said it best “power of love”. I have been teaching my children that REAL love does not happen over night that REAL love is something that builds over time. It starts slow and build over time. If it is fast it will never last. We looked that buying a cheap toy cause you saved up $20 vs buying a better toy that cost $100 and they were the same toy. One was built better and it will last longer or work better. This has been a good lesson as people in their life are making choices based upon a whim.

I have been working on being polite and kind to others. I have so many people telling me how much the kids are beautiful souls to have around. I am so blessed! That light at the end of the tunnel is very bright indeed.

Be of good health my friends!

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