Gabriel Allen Robins

Introducing Gabriel, Who came in to this world refusing to go the way he was supposed to go. He has been doing it everyday since, a rebel without a need to rebel. He fought every step of the way, ending up in a blue light special box. Staying just a bit longer at the hospital. Lets start off with a photo.

august baby 002

It was at this time in his life that he started to take a love to Motown music and R&B. Yes it was some covers of Motown by Human Nature that helped him calm down with he was this old. Mind you in our house music is on almost all the time.

Soon Personality started to form….

august baby 047

the smiles and laughter has not stopped to this day. His hair started getting better though.

baby pics march 2008 023 (2)

In about two years he feel in love with his baby sister, even though they can fight like cats and dogs deep at his core he loves her so very much.

baby pics march 2008 043

If you have know Gabriel you know this face as it has not change “i’m so cute” and he can still use it at times.

photos of kids  as a group 015



Lets skip a few years to current as there was a bit of a sad time for our family and not many photos were taken during that time.


This is one of the first photos I took after making a choice that would impact the him for the rest of his life. As you can see here that the small smile has returned it has been growing ever since.


Don’t mind the dirty face, in fact it is one of the biggest signs that the choices that were made lead us to find the ability to explore new family activities and regain the beauty of this wonderful soul. This night that the photo was taken was so amazing we watched New Years fireworks in Launceston. 3 kids full of happiness and love had the most wonderful time.


Live music was something very new to all three and then the fireworks hit.

Keep an eye out for more exciting times with this wonderful soul. I love this kid!



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  1. Good job dad you are doing good


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