Jasmine Robins

I figured I would take the time here and there and talk about my wonderful children. So I felt that it was only the right way to do it would be to start with the oldest of them all. I would like to introduce you to my oldest Daughter Jasmine Robins…


(I love this photo)

To say I love this photo is just a huge understatement. What most don’t see that I can is a very beautiful soul. It took a long time for her to walk a path that at times was more than rocky. We had struggles as some parents do with children. Nut as she grew and grew I am amazed at who she has become. Such strong wills and morals.

I few years ago Jasmine took a path that shocked me when she left Tasmania to go to school on the mainland for an education in Journalism. She is currently studying at a very great university with a great reputation.Jasmine and Lane

(Jasmine and Lane her boyfriend)

Even a few years back Jasmine felt the need to change her last name to match mine. My wife and I were so happy when she chose to do this. We left it solely up to her to make the choice and never tried to influence choice in this area. I even talked to her to see if she should just give her birth dad a second chance. As you can see this beautiful strong woman stuck to her plans.

When Jasmine was younger she embarked in a plan to join a choir outside of school. It was with happy heart that her mother and I supported this choice as a well. Cause as every parent knows the joys of young girls and pop songs. It was fun with someone who had no rhythm and could not carry a tune. After the years moved on and on it was so amazing to see this wonderful flower blossom with her abilities. To the point it was such a pleasure to hear her sing. I bet she never knew that I used to sneak in and listen to them practice and then as the lesson was winding up I would run back to the car and fake sleeping. We watched her travel the world in the choir and compete as well. I was always so happy seeing her sing.wildlife farm 003

(she’s not hard to find)

Jasmine went on a mission for her church and for 18 months this wonderful woman. Sacrificed so many things such as time with family and friends and placed her education on hold as well.

jasmine mission

I could list on and on about my wonderful Daughter. But as some point you have to keep somethings close to your heart and just say that you are proud of your child. So here I am say I am PROUD of her.

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