Niamh May Robins


So here she is formerly known as Ella May Robins. But something happened we found out that a good friend who was due to have a daughter as well was naming her girl Ella May. Well that had to be changed and fast. We talked it over and over and we came out with Niamh. Then we got this….

august 08 009

A magical, wonderful, special, talkative, Red headed, Pea Hating, and most lovable little girl. As time went on more and more of her fire filled temper started to show. But something else also started to show and that was how much she looked like Jasmine. In fact they looked so much a like while in the store one day with the two of them I overheard a woman complain that it should be illegal for children to have children. I walked up and proudly stated that both of those wonderful girls we mine.


You can see just a small hint of Jasmine here. But wait time gets moving on and spooky things start to happen she sings now and dances as well. there is a good thing she has rhythm yes you heard it right she can also hold a tune.

Time marches one we need to skip a few years as I explained before. IMG_20150814_153707

Here we are on our own. Learning about our little family. Smiles are everywhere and on faces.


Her first Big bike that is not a hand me down……


Yup Number eight is here. I had to make a cake for over 20 people. All of them Girls and there mums. we had so much fun. Keep and eye one this space time moves forward is weird ways. I love this girl so much.

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