The Danish Girl

I was asked by someone who I don’t want to give away to give a review of the movie as I was transgender.

Knowing that I have seen over 3.5 thousand movies in my life and the list just keeps growing I am a very very harsh critic on movies. I rate my movies on a 1-5 scale 1 don’t waste your time to 5 Oh wow i have to watch it again.

So let get started….

the danish girl

IMDB information

on my 1-5 scale I only give this movie a 3 and that is NOT because I find it poorly made, boring or oppressive. The reason for my low score is simple I’ve seen it and I won’t need to see it again. But if you have not seen it do go and see it it will break your heart.

I find the movie to address some very sensitive subjects that revolve around the Trans community in our struggle to just be. While many of us fight the Gate keeper model that has been widely adopted  before a person can enter into the HRT program this movie shows that it was a lot harder along time ago. I love the acting and the screen writing was  done so very beautiful with a true sense of unconditional love.

I feel however that the release of the movie was more of a means to capitalize on the issues revolving around Caitlyn Jenner. Which I think they have used her issues as a way to sell this movie. In someways this has also lowered my score. So many others who are Trans have done so much publicly that this could have been produced earlier than it was.

As for the acting, so well done. I did not feel like that had phoned in their roles and I also felt that their skills lead to the movie being so well done.

So there you have it and I did not SPOIL! I am very simple and to the point


Is my score

(a must see but not more than once)

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