The Revenant Review

Warning……I hated this movie……There is a spoiler alert as well……

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The Revenant (2015) Poster

The only way the damn movie saves itself from a 1 on my list is the amazing way in which it was filmed. The landscape was amazing!

So now that I have given my only praise that I can find in the damn movie is done lets talk about it. Ok to be honest I love the actors. BUT when you portray something of Native American Culture why does it always have to be based in the aspects of “the great beyond” crap at some point in the movie. Hollywood does this all the time. I love my Native American Family History, I am proud of who we are. But there is so much more of us than that part. It seems like Hollywood never gets the point. I found this movie to also insult my intelligence, I have had blood poisoning it is horrible. Your body is rebelling against you at every point and you are sore beyond belief. The issue of trying to make this main character larger than life goes even one step more to say that on top of blood poisoning he can survive freezing waters not once but twice if not more. I’m sorry back to the blood poisoning My temp was at 40 degrees cel. for over a week I lost so much weight it was not funny. I was USELESS for a whole summer and then I am still dealing with the after effects of it some 14 years later. Yeah I can grasp it is “Based on a true story” but for pete’s sake make it believable.

Then at times it eludes to a hatred that two tribes have, holy crap more of the same Native American stereotyping. Yes it happened but ARGH!!!!!!! If this movie gets and oscar, it should not! it is just CRAP on a stick.

Oh I could go on and on about my problems and loopholes in the story line plus Amount of BLOOD LOSS……GRRRRRR

But i am not going to do that

So here it is my score


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