Something I read today by a friend……

Don’t Love what you can’t Trust
Don’t Hate what you can’t have
Don’t Say what you can’t show
Don’t Judge what you don’t know

I have only one line to add to this information is..

Say what you mean, Mean what you say

I have seen it so many times over the years. People of all walks of life, all faiths, and all races. Doing everything but this. We lie to ourselves and others.

I left the Mormon church about 10 months ago. Not due to anger, not due to disable. My reason was simple I am Trans and Women cant hold the priesthood. So I left had my name removed from the church.

In November of 2015 I was shocked by what the church did and I wrote about this in the past posts. I have seen in recent days a change in what the church is saying that “Now” Nov 2015 was given by god. Where earlier is was said it was not but that the “Brotheren” had made this choice. I have seen and heard people saying god is separating the wheat form the chaff. Call me crazy but I am not a second class person to god. I am having a hard time with Extremists in the LDS church who a couple have now shunned me…… I foresaw this coming I told a really good friend that this was going to happen. I started to see it happening to others now twice it has happened to me. People that I had been a TRUE friend to in the past and asked for NOTHING in return……

You want me to be angry, NO! You want me to be like you, NEVER! You want my Hate, you’re not worth my time! Turn your back on those of us who you deem unworthy. Cast your stones. We will stand together, our strength is more than your voices.

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  1. It is a time of sorting in the Church but the other way round. God is testing the members to see who will be unkind, who will cast out unjustly and simply who doesn’t have love in their hearts. There is no place for hate or hateful behaviour. We are all God’s children and He loves us. The Church is true and the Prophet is the mouthpiece for Jesus Christ. We are about protecting the family not subverting it. This is my belief. Love you


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