The older I get the more and more I see the same history’s repeat. So many time I have repeated them as well. The self abuse of telling myself “no one will like me” and even worse thinking that an abusive relationship was better than none.
Now we have been free of the pain for almost 8 months a lot of that time has been in soul searching and find the truths. Some truth should never come to light. But some that do show us who we really are it just needs to be understood and accepted or denied.
Yes I too have young children and more than anything in the desire that we all have to be loved. I am loved and I love, but maybe like you I want someone special in my life as well, but I will remain who I am and that person might knock on my door, but they will know special my children and I will not have to worry.
So my moral of the my story is remain true to yourself and be yourself. Just like me someone will find you so beautiful that they will not care if you have children they will celebrate them with you.
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