As another night comes to a close

Oh we the children and I went out for the night and had a wonderful time fireworks and great company. I so love the children we have come so far over what feels like such a short time.

I have been working with Niamh so much with her homework. We are getting caught up on all the words we need to know. I think we would have been miles ahead of the other side would have lent a hand but we are making due.

Someone asked me a “what if” their reasoning was it is not uncommon. Well funny thing as many people who really know me well once I say NO it does mean NO, not maybe, It means NO. I just can’t I am now finding out who I am and what has been going on and what I have missed. I said to my friend there is a huge sadness when you heart realizes that you have missed something more than something else. Oh though I hate fielding the question from the children “Why can’t you and mum just get back together?” I am just honest and tell them I just can’t and I am sorry. What more can be said, I know this is part of their processes of grief. This has also been why I have not really been looking to date all that much. I think they needed me more than I needed someone else. So I enjoy being with them through the good times and the bad. Comforting them when the sadness and confusion sets in and we work through it. Tears dry, smiles start once more when they know they are ok and we are all ok. I check on them still like I did when they were very young 2-3 times a night. I don’t know why, I touch their heads, i listen to the sighs after the slight touch. I hear their words when I tuck them in “I love you dad”. They are even saying it in their sleep. It is at this point in my life every time they are near that I know we are all loved and happy.

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