I once thought as you do now

I was talking to a mental health services once about how I was feeling about the loss of my marriage. He said the strangest bit of wisdom I have ever heard to that point in my life.

The theory of re
Take a candy bar place it in the freezer, once it is frozen take it out and drop it.  Now your candy bar is broken. You have three choices 1) deal with it being broken and make the best of it 2) get a new candy bar 3) share your candy bar.  Nothing you ever do will return your candy bar to before when it was dropped you can not return it back to what it once was. So what are you going to choose.
It is close to a year ago that I was told that theory. My choice has changed a few times after seeing what the candy bar looked like in the true light of day……
Things never get better they only change…… Sometimes for the best

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