I was trying to expand on my original post from yesterday. When I came across that video I was simply amazed at the ability and willingness of the young person to go out and tell people that were beautiful so I decided I would actually go out and see how many people have attempted this social experiment I also looked at the demographics of those willing to do it associated with the responses that were had after saying you’re beautiful to some.

I don’t know what it is about masculinity and femininity on how they responded towards the youth who paid such a wonderful complement I watched home in respectful I did in their body language to another man saying you’re beautiful made up became defensive in their body language if they had thought that it was challenging their masculinity. Women on the other hand almost 95% of them responded in such a way that a smile started to build somewhere and then it’s the expression came out through the mouth and it’s a very honest and very humble smart.

There were a handful of people who did not handle being told they were beautiful with out being defensive of their masculinity there were also on the same men at handful of women who became defensive if a man said they were beautiful it was as if they were almost preparing for it to be an attraction based issue.

Now let’s take this into the Trans community buys the Trans woman have never considered myself to be beautiful. on Saturday I was paid a complement one that I was not fully prepared I was told that I had beautiful eyes. This compliment came from a person that I barely know so to me was a genuine complement I felt it happened to me as well the smile it starts somewhere around the upper left the curves of upwards cheeks go out and you smile. Something I have not really done in my life is to blush. This has been a new experience for me and my transition. I really did know what to say back to that person who said I was beautiful of really did know how to respond I know was a compliment but it is something that I had been seen in the Trans community that a lot of us really don’t think we are beautiful. How do we resolve this problem, can it be resolved, can we learn. One not saying that the person accepted me as a Trans woman. They excepted me as a beautiful person and I’m OK with the distinction I don’t need another person’s opinion on my gender to validate my own gender. Fellow who’s extremely kind and told that I have beautiful eyes

Now let’s take a look at another social experiment that took place around the world there is an Australian gentleman who started with an idea of placing two chairs facing each other and having people sit in them and just look at each other for one solid minute they reactions were quite similar to those of people being told they were beautiful. And be that these people were not allowed to talk during this one brief moment in their life while faced with another person you could see the magic and the human connection the same smile developed on all faces during this brief minute. It was amazing to me when the time limit was up that the walls of masculinity femininity had dissolved. There were a lot of people during that social experiment that would get up and hug the other person at the end some would start a conversation others magician cans very few walked away with that some form of human connection that was continued from 60 seconds.

So where does this leave me am I going to go out and start telling invidious either beautiful wide as the Trans woman I would not advise that. What am I to advise and that I’m going to do it in my life is make sure that those that enter our lives know that they are beautiful. You might even work it into a conversation if someone helps you say something along the lines of you know you’re so beautiful thank you.Isn’t it amazing how simple word can have such an impact on so many people and yet be so humble.

So in conclusion what I learned except complements do not be afraid of people saying I am beautiful be willing to give the same back to others. Is after all we’re only here for such a short time and it’s not worth seeing beauty that lies all around us.

Be kind to one another

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  1. Ah hah! You seem to have discovered the difference between a beautiful woman or man as the world sees it and a beautiful person as Heavenly Father sees us! Our rugged exterior matters so little as does our “costume” in comparison with the shining lights in our eyes, the smiles on our faces and the chuckle in our voice. We are beautiful when we let ourselves shine. Have a lovely day.

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