Please remember words can kill


I would say that this number changes time to time based on the facts of the day on that the number is taken. I have been trying to base my Polls based off visitors to the blog. I am concerned of the all the deaths that have taken place in Utah. Then there were about 81 murders as well.

Have a look at this as well.

When simply existing is dangerous, everything is a risk

Now to also review the issues of Trans youth who are being attacked by some of there own families. Thus in Utah since November 32 youth suicides. I wish I could find some numbers in other states but it is a shame that there is a code of silence that is surrounding these losses of life.What a complete and utter shame to lose these children to something that could have been avoidable.

Plus a total 81 Murders in the US in 2015, compare this to Australia who 1 in 2014-2015. What is Australia doing that the United States is not. I think there are a few major differences that are helping avoid all of these deaths. What I have seen is that the healthcare system available for all. This includes mental health polices that in place as well. Thus giving everyone the ability to look and feel better and you find less people upset over small things that they don’t focus on others problems. On top of that I see a huge beauty in the Australian sense of “she’ll be right mate” attitude. While I will not say it is perfect there are some amazing laws here that protect those of the LGBT communities.

This year I and another couple of friends have opened our homes and hearts to any LGBT youth who might need a good meal, place to rest, a place to start rebuilding their lives. I think this is going to be a wonderful idea that can saves lives and mend some broken hearts.

What more can be done to save lives

This was just something to make you think………

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