What’s being Trans all about

I lay here in my bed tonight pondering that very same question. In many past posts I ha


tried to answer the question without being too blunt or abrasive. In the last year I have been called a narcissistic prick by someone who I used to know and whom I had helped out when they need a helping hand. To a liar,  to a freak, to a mental illness case,  to a asshole, and now to a rapist. By the way I am still beeping mad about being called that.
So to set the record straight let’s get right down to the core of what it is to be transgender. What it is, is a person who has finally found a way to accept to themselves, that it is ok to be different in the world. It is about being honest with yourself. It is about waking up and saying I like myself. It is feeling connected to your body. It is giving up a battle that is part of a war that has been going on in you since the day you can recall. It is about the clothes we wear. It is about releasing the inner beauty that lies in those who have never had to question their gender. It is about being scared. It is the fear of the unknown.  It is about walking out your front door. It is about going shopping for clothes. It is about the Makeup.  It is about shaving your legs. It is about being read.  It is about the dirty looks.  It is about the questions that people have that are to scared to ask. It is about hormones. It is about feeling beautiful. It is about being worried about being bashed. It is about people being worried that you might be attracted to them.
Ask you can see there are so many reasons why I am transgender. But you can also see that it is about what lies in your heart, the real you.

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