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I have been reading a lot lately about trans people and what we go through when it comesfamily to family. I was lucky enough to be removed from most of my family by distance, some did not take my transition very well. My mother my father at first due to others who did not quite understand themselves at first. My ex-to-be mislead my parents who were struggling to cope at first, but after having long talks and discussions with them a lot of the rough Waters have this smoothed out and what could have been avoided and should have been avoided.

I read a lot of people in the trans community who have struggled greatly struggled with issues of family. It is extremely difficult to know that you are essentially are divorced from family. I have a sister who has sought to do that and that’s her choice. I have a daughter who has also chosen to no longer talk to me that is her choice as well. I have a another sister who possibly is on the questionable side but we had a pretty knock down drag out argument and I am not sure where she stands any longer but I’m not going to worry myself on that. I came to a wonderful conclusion this past week as I wrote in a post that I had started to surround myself with people that I was proud to introduce to my children with people who would be genuine honest and caring.
Once I started looking at the requirements for who I wanted to my children to know. I started looking at the people that we’re in my life if the person didn’t fit that bill then they didn’t need to be welcome into our family. I started looking at what I would call a core family unit. How a family unit should be based off if a person is down family should be there to pick them up. If a family needed something, family member should be willing to give without asking for Payback.

I forgot to write a bit about the Misadventures of Tuck.

Yesterday while informing my friend about what it is like when it happens, I being the goof I am just had to give a visual of what happens when it goes POP. We were walking through Bunnings which is a Hardware shop here in Australia which was kinda like…

When the woman who worked there walked towards us and made fun of the walk I was doing. If she only knew what was really going on. It was just one of the times in a friendship where you knew a good laugh was had. I got in Trouble for not saying what happened. But Nah Nah I just did, lol. Plus she is trying to kill me by exercising 2-2.5 hours of walking a day, lol. But we are having a good time doing it.

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