Local support for trans-friendly venues

Today at the Launceston Boardmills market. Coffee with friends.


Fun and friendly vendors. With wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends some who I have not seen in years. It was great to see Vic from Sexual Health who more than she will ever know saved more than just my life.
A new vendor who brought her stall of shoes.


Oh I am in heaven real raised doughnuts from another vendor.


Bad photo sorry. But look at these.



Oh I gained some hips just looking at them.

Oh there was this person who brought in her bags. All hand made wonderful colours.


Oh then there is this fresh veggies stall.


I will say that this while simple and still In baby steps it has a charm to it that others are lacking that are doing the same thing.  There are maybe 20 stalls but if the loving care of the owners continue who knows what will happen. I do love this place.

Let’s talk about the owners.  Both are very happy and friendly souls. Very kind hearted people. The venue has areas for hire. With a stage and lightning abilities. The site is very underused by the public.  Some of it might be to using word of mouth advertising can be a bit slower than other forms.

So last thing to say is this. It you can take a Saturday and come have a coffee and fall in love with this little gem of a market.

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