It’s been no Secret


Since November the 6th my shelf of faith has been rocked and has fallen. I know that this has not been helped by what my family has been doing as well. I have Read the CES at this is not an Anti-mormon letter it is a letter that is asking the Church Educational System some very hard questions that to this day have never been answered by the church. Even so the church for this person asking these questions has been seeking to have him Excommunicated. In Fact they were seeking to do it on February the 14 of 2016 but it was postponed until March.

Well I have also been watching the the issues that are going on in Utah and the scandals of the Child Sexual Abuse in the LDS church that has been going on and the cover ups. If you are not aware of it I think it is up to you to find it out. But going on with this same topic but a different church is what the Catholic church with a few bad priests who have done the same and how the church covered it up. Today while still sick I was reading Facebook I came across this little video and the pain that every person has had to go through. I am a parent of a child who was Sexually Assaulted. I don’t think many people really know pain of a broken heart like that of a child who has gone through this issue and there is no Justice for them. The many and I do mean many sightings of the “perp” who did this to my little girl is nothing compared to having to see him every Sunday and other events. Please take the time watch this video all the way to the end. If you can help please help. These children have a right to Justice!

Like I said these people that he is singing about  is just like my little girl.

Every child deserves Justice!

Hey LDS Church leaders stop hiding behind you high walls and come forward with the truth and let the Justice be heard.

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