Been a couple of days break

Sorry it has been a couple of day but that is the way it is with kids. But lets look at what is going on first. We have been dealing with a solid brick of a human being lately. From not following orders to not calling our children then giving me a piss poor excuse and then thinking I would fluff it up to the children why she did not call them. How (BEEPing) hard is it to set an alarm on your phone to call the children on time. I hope she gets the point that I am no longer her Carer and I am not going to call her when she fumbles. Okay I am not going to rant on to much as it is not worth my time. Though I have had to tell Gabriel to watch his mouth when she said what he did when I told him about why she did not call “What a fucking liar”……. there is a lot of anger in him towards her. Most of it is due to her actions.

I have said in the past that that the US is a dangerous place to be in Transition. The Christian right is pulling a lot of purse strings. Take a look at the following news from Advocate.

REPORT: 2016 Is the Most Dangerous Year for Transgender Americans


Once again after you read that do you see why I am never going back, not even for a visit.



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