Wow, I thought I have seen it before and I have even felt its icy stares. But this week I was shocked that I have been held in its icy cold grasp. The pain that it caused was very shocking and it came from a very unlikely source a Family Assessor for the family courts here in Australia. I was told that I should be able to Trust this person that our evidence is sound and that my reasons for leaving the way we did. Well much to my surprise even though I have been the primary carer for the children and for my Ex-to-be. Yet this woman cause I am trans has ignored all the facts and said that our children would be better off with a person who has not even taken an interest in our children’s schooling.  Needless to say we will be fighting this and I will be seeking to find a way to point out this poor excuse of a person for who she really is. I just can’t believe that some of her lines in her report were so very bigoted and narrow minded. It just shocks me to the core.

If any of you readers know who to make a formal complaint that will make an Impact. Maybe even call this woman’s skills in to question let alone her practices as well. There is no room for person views and such unprofessional actions.

Wow did it really crush me. It was so very hurtful to think I trusted her. Wow it was like someone cut into my chest. I was just so hurt, I was so upset all it did was make me confused, angry and I even seconded guessed my own self. Lucky for me I have some really great friends who are my support network.

I have felt i9t at a local supermarket “Coles” who when I stood up and complained about how I was treated. They responded in such a way that I am pleased to say that they have even trained their staff better to0 make sure that it does not happen again and it has not Thank you Coles, I have even felt it once from some people, but I was not in the mood for them, so they got my double barrel of smart ass comment back. This is not a post what to say or how to defuse it.

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