Best day ever! So Far, well maybe

Mental Health is a huge issue while going through Transition. You must and need to take time to do some self care. Today was a self care day where a wonderful friend and I went out for morning tea and then went into Launceston to have a bit of fun I have never had so much fun looking at clothes and she kept trying to dress me up in a few things that made me look an feel like a circus act.But I could have been a bitch and let her buy this dress that would have made a tent out of her ass, but even I am not that cruel, lol.

We had a wonderful lunch at this little hole in the wall place in Launceston called Meat Cheese and bread. I could smell the food close to a block away it grabbed us and said give me a try. We saw a Philly Steak sandwich on the menu. I have not had a real one of these since being in the US some 14 years ago. I took one bite and was thrust into memories of good friends and good food. You know that zone where your heart takes a snapshot and nothing will ever compare. Well I have to say that is until sitting in a park with my friend. We sat there talking over our lives and the struggles that we have faced over the last two weeks.

I would show you photos but I want you to think of the wonderful moment and remember a time where you have felt that memory.

As we left I went and got a couple of bath bombs to relax with and sooth my body and pull out the toxins of dealing with my Ghost. As we walked down the street we had a most wonderful time and then one of my other friends ran into us!!! I just love her so much she has a most wonderful soul and is so kind. I knew she had been having a hard time with a person and then I grabbed out one of my bath bombs and gave a share. I look at life and think this is what friends do for one another.

So to two of my friends I would love to say thank you for a great day. I love my bath tonight.


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything a bath bomb can’t make better. 🙂 I’m glad you had a great day!

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