Dear Caitlyn Jenner

I will give you the Respect you have asked the world for and that is your name change. If you read this or not this needs to be said. SHUT UP! Do something with the new found power that you have instead of a new chance to say “I’m a Butterfly look at me”.

Here are my reasons for writing you. I was amazed at the courage it took you to come out and I am proud of you. But this is really where my respect has ended with you.Now you might why I am saying this. I have been starting to see you as a dog and pony show. When was the last time you did something for someone in the Trans community. All we see is you grabbing awards and plugging you show here there and everywhere. Not like I would watch it…..ever.

I have been keeping an eye one your progress as far as the person you have become. I remember growning up and think wow “Bruce” was a hero. When you came out I was hoping that you would take your fame and fortune and do something to help others in the Trans community. So far you have done nothing but lined your pockets. I look at so many strong Trans-women who have taken the time like Janet Mock, Catherine “Cate” McGregor,  and Laura Jane Grace just to name a few who not only make money but are doing something about all of the Trans community. Not one of these amazing women are doing what you are currently doing.

Please do something with you amazing talents help those in the community who are not as lucky as you are. There comes a time when you must leave an impact on this world. Would have it been better to be like Fred Hallows and how he left the world? Many to this day called him blessed.

Well my rant is done, though one last time over saturation is a bad thing…..You are headed right towards it.

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