Blessed or luck

At some point honesty must start playing a part. Some of my life seems to revolve around A_woman_thinkingme like a huge soap opera. I took sometime a had a look back over so many things that have gone on since July 2015. Then I took some time and looked at events since December 2014. Someone asked me how do I know that we are blessed rather than just plain lucky. To be honest some times I see that it might be luck as well, until a look back. Then one can see a huge chain of events over a very long time. To me it points that it is impossible to say that it is a factor of luck. I have never considered myself as a lucky person. I made choices and they have been due to careful actions and planning….

It was not easy to leave, I planned it for sometime and knew we had to do it for our future and for all of our health. It was not easy this past year. The choice was made in part due to self preservation as well as making at stand and saying NO we are not going to take this any longer.

Now the children and I count our blessings everyday. When life gets hard we count… We are blessed!

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  1. I agree, I shared part of that journey and see it too

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