Ripples of Eternity

What can I say other than I am so very proud of my 3 youngest children. This last month has been very hard to deal with. The whole issue of having someone who did not do her job right without bias really took me back a little. But then it was more screw you, you did not do you job right and you are blaming me. You don’t know my children or me….

I made a choice this year as I have said to do service. Why cause I have been so blessed I needed to give something back ten fold. So every fort night (every two weeks, for Americans, lol) we have been doing a bread run yes it takes time and you have to listen to other and keep an eye open for those who are in need.

The children have been helping out as well we get it ready and then we go for a drive. If we see someone who could use our help then Boom we do it. My children ask when is the next bread run.

Well today they got a reward for all the hard work they have put in and each one got to take cookies to class and share. Even in their reward they consider others as well.

What you do today has a far more reaching effects than you can see…… We never wanted anything back for what we do cause we already have it, Each other! I love all my kids!

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