The challenge, its only 30 days

Wow, as you have been getting to know more and more about me I am sure you can tell that I can take a long time to make choices.

Well this might prove to be an interesting choice I have made. Now I am sure a lot of people might not be able to do this choice, though I will put it out there for everyone to give it a go.

In August I started a big challenge and that was to avoid watching the news for 30 days. The idea of this was to see what it can do to you emotional issues as you will no longer be worrying about stuff you can’t change. Now mind you this challenge does not mean you have to stand clear of all news. Reading the news as far as only local was fine. I did that for 30 days and found out it had a huge impact on my life and the children. We stopped being concerned over stuff that we cannot change and wasting time which took 30 minutes a day. Yeah i know you are thinking that 30 min is not much but add it up it will shock you. We also stopped watching those horrible current affairs programs. Okay so there was another 30 minutes saved.  We stopped watching TV altogether at dinner time. Think about that look at what can happen we gained time as a family once more people were focusing on having fun and enjoying a good dinner. Cooking time was a lot easier as i did not get distracted due to the TV.

Now we are in March, 8 Months of this challenge what have I missed, Nothing in fact I read only news I want to read and we talk at dinner time. I think we as a family have become closer that ever before.

So let me challenge you give it 30 days……Then when you have done it send me a reply and pass it along.

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