Well it’s Sunday

We had an interesting 24hrs it started with the ex-to-be saying to our oldest son that I had a girlfriend. Well it was rather interesting and strange why it was brought up and to the point the children know that all my time is devoted to them right now. Plus they know that I am still married to her and I would not break one of the ten commandments.  Funny how she is concerned about what I am doing in my love life when she has been seeing a few men since we separated in March of last year. Oh well who cares, I wish them the best. I really do then she might leave me alone…..?

Well back to our Sunday we had a great time playing the Wii and watching movies. It is fun finding movies that I grew up with and enjoyed. We just finished the Addams family the Shadow is next. I know some of these movies are campy as hell but in the end they are fun and not to heavy with crap that kids don’t need to worry about. It is almost a part where we have forgotten that movies are supposed to entertain us.

We have enjoyed a Breakfast for dinner. When I was growing up my mum used to do  this for the family as well. I always loved eggs, toast, hash browns, and bacon in a way it is a comfort food placing smiles on faces and making time to talk and listen.

I never thought finding a new car would be some much fun. I have been looking at something that I will keep for a long time and will enjoy driving it. Still leaning towards the MG ZT.

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